NICOS 3.11 has been released

NICOS 3.11 is now available for download.

Changes in this release series:

  • Core

    • NICOS now requires at least Python 3.9 to run.

    • The InfluxDB cache backend now is faster and correctly handles last values and history queries for periods without value changes.

  • Commands

    • floatrange renamed to FloatRange for consistency.
  • Devices

    • Gap devices can now allow blades to overlap or keep a minimum opening with the new min_opening parameter.

    • Support adapting the simulated neutrons to different hosts in McStas devices.

    • Added integration for the RabbitMQ data catalog pipeline and eWorkbench electronic logbook backend.

    • Added options to filter and wrap NICOS devices when connecting to a SEC node and automatically creating devices for each module.

    • Added mail notifier that automatically includes the hostname in the subject.

  • GUI

    • Readonly parameter values can now be copied from the GUI device “details” dialog.

    • Selected parts of console output can be added to the electronic logbook.

    • Added more file readers to reopen already measured data files.

    • Use better default colors for scan/history plot curves.

    • Initial support for dark-mode system UI themes.

  • Other

    • The electronic logbook can now have multiple backend handlers.

    • Increased test coverage and added tests for selected GUI components.

    • Added many more test scripts for individual instruments.