NICOS 3.5 has been released

NICOS 3.5 is now available for download.

Changes in this release series:

  • Core

    • Setups with group ‘configdata’ will now be handled like normal setups. This allows to access to the values from any other setup file.

    • The ‘tupleof’ parameter type now accepts numpy arrays.

    • The ‘ParamDevice’ can now return the status of the referenced device.

    • Improved ‘Dry run’ mode by fixing some issues like calling ‘doVersion’ and (for TACO devices) ‘doUpdate*’ methods and using the hardware stubs for TACO/TANGO/EPICS devices.

    • Breakpoints now work as expected in the daemon debugger.

  • GUI

    • Improved compatibility with Qt 5.

    • Created a nicer ‘About’ dialog and removed the ‘About Qt’ dialog.

    • The scan plot now tries harder to select a proper X axis by determining the first changing device.

    • Show value labels for for multi-value devices in device dialogs.

  • Commands

    • The ‘tomo’ command now accepts additional detectors.
  • Watchdog

    • Conditions learned the full setup dependency syntax like the status monitor fields and groups
  • Tests

    • Instrument specific test scripts are now run during the test suite, in dry-run mode.
  • Development

    • All modules now using several future imports for Python 3 compatibility.

    • Import order has been made consistent using ‘isort’.