NICOS 3.1 has been released

NICOS 3.1 is now available for download.

Changes in this release series:

  • Core

    • The poller now doesn’t completely give up when a setup file has syntax errors. Instead, it tries to restart after each file change.

    • The HTML monitor now uses GR instead of Matplotlib for plotting.

    • Added a Kafka backend for the cache server.

    • “Exec now” commands are now executed in the context of the calling client, not a generic “system” user.

  • GUI

    • Qt 5 is now supported by the GUI application. Set NICOS_QT=5 to enable if PyQt5 is installed on the system. In later versions, this will become the default mode.

    • Support for Qwt as plotting backend has been removed.

    • Added a SSH tunnel option to the client, available with the -t option.

    • The GR live widget now supports one-dimensional data and multiple live channels.

    • All curves in a history plot can now be saved to data files at the same time.

    • Offset and scale in history plots is now applied to string values mapped to integers.

    • All scan columns can now be plotted as Y values in scan plots.

    • The setup panel now shows a hint if some setups are not offered for loading because of errors.

  • Devices

    • Added a generic “pulse” device (that switches an attached device to a different value for a selected time).

    • Tango device creation now fails faster if the Tango host is down.

    • Added a notifier class for Slack.

    • The limit handling in the generic Axis class has been overhauled to better take the motor’s limits into account.