NICOS 3.2 has been released

NICOS 3.2 is now available for download.

Changes in this release series:

  • Core

    • The “center()” and “checkoffset()” commands can now use any defined fitting function, or “center_of_mass”, to determine the peak center.

    • Fitting commands output the relative error as a column.

    • The collector service can now forward cache values to multiple different backends (NICOS cache/webhooks).

  • Devices

    • Tango VectorInput/VectorOutput are now supported.

    • Added a device to read out the absolute Q value for TAS instruments.

    • The generic detector can now calculate post-processed values from scalar-valued PassiveChannels.

    • Added an image sink for writing multiple arrays from a single detector.

  • GUI

    • Each setup can now name a “representative” device to show in the device tree when the setup is collapsed.

    • The history panel can now save multiple displayed curves in one data file.

    • The selection of a fit function, and whether to pick initial fit points, has been reworked in the scans and history panels.

    • All available fit functions can be used in the scans and history panels.

    • Fitting by default uses the currently viewed range to limit the fit range.

    • Custom function presets can be added to the “Fit arbitrary function” dialog in the GUI config.

    • Instrument configurations can now include custom dialogs to show on NewExperiment and FinishExperiment (if triggered through the proposal window).

    • Some minor visual enhancements in the plot displays.

  • Demo

    • The “nicos-demo” command now always starts with the demo instrument. To use an instrument selected by nicos.conf or the INSTRUMENT environment variable, pass the “-O” option.