NICOS 3.3 has been released

NICOS 3.3 is now available for download.

Changes in this release series:

  • Core

    • Added commands “ListMailReceivers” and “ListDataReceivers”.

    • A longstanding bug with client connections not closing properly has been fixed, it resulted in clients receiving events (like script output) multiple times.

    • A “doAdjust” method has been added to customize the action of “adjust” and the “offset” parameter to different conventions.

    • The “_Restart” command is now blocked if there are active background threads.

  • Devices

    • Access restrictions with the “requires” parameter are now checked when trying to set device parameters.

    • Notifier devices can now be marked as “private”, which means that their receivers are not overwritten with the users' addresses for each new experiment.

    • Unit handling of several Tango device classes has been improved.

  • GUI

    • Rebinning of very large history datasets has been changed to use a “triangular downsampling” algorithm that better preserves interesting features of the data in question.

    • Triangular downsampling also applies to status monitor plots.